A fresh musical sampler designed for public performances.


Play, hack and record your audio samples from your bed up to stage using an intuitive multi-touch musical instrument.

For iPad, iPhone & iPod touch.

  • Play with 12 simultaneous sample on the 3 colored tracks.
  • Scratch, revert, slice, pause, fade & resync up to 4 clips on each track.
  • Play with an effect on each track & a master effect.
  • 5 sound effects: Crusher, Repeater, Delay, Phaser, LP Filter.
  • Record live loops from audio-input & internal mixer.
  • Import and export your samples and patches using iTunes Sharing.
  • Exclusive playback recync feature.
  • BPM-synced clip trigger & playback, metronome.
  • Smart controls for faster actions.

            sampler, audio samples, loop, sound, beat, bpm, scratch,
            slicer, effect, mixer, mpc, monome, turntable, music, audio,
            microphone, loop

Kidnap Your Designer

Concept, design & code
Pierre Guilluy
Quentin Houben

download Press Kit  © 2014 Pierre Guilluy